St. Paul Abilities Network
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St. Paul Abilities Network (SPAN) has been the trusted agency of choice serving persons with disabilities for over half a century in our region and beyond.

We have the most advanced, LEVEL II ACDS Accreditation. 

ACDS accreditation

We believe in assisting persons with disabilities live their lives to the fullest. We help remove barriers, achieve more autonomy and connectedness to the community.

We offer highly personalized approach to our clients. We operate multiple homes for shared living accommodation with trained staff, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer Day Support Services tailored for aging adults with developmental disabilities in a compassionate, leisure-oriented atmosphere. Field trips, vacations, volunteer work, crafts, recreation and community involvement are among the options.

We offer Employment Preparation curriculum to empower our clients gain meaningful employment, become more successful in life. It includes gaining equipment knowledge, workplace safety skills, improving interpersonal and social competence. 

Our Recreation and Leisure program promotes self-esteem, individuality and community inclusion. 

We assist those who would like to become legal guardians of persons with disabilities follow the necessary steps in applying for certification. This is an important and sensitive role of personal coaching and assistance.

We assist our clients, their family members and guardians apply for various government funding programs.

We help our clients navigate through a highly developed and complex government system of assistance to the persons with disabilities. 

To reach these goals, we work together with our partners and run Social Enterprises. Social Enterprises are beneficial for both our clients and our community. Some of our clients find there their successful and satisfying employment.

We are deeply rooted in our community. We are constantly learning and training our staff to provide the best possible assistance to our clients and the community.

St. Paul Abilities Network is dedicated to innovation, continuous learning and training our personnel to best serve our clients.